Why choose Virtual Employee in this COVID Pandemic?

Outsourcing Virtual Employee is the best option in this COVID outbreak. Employees are unable to give physical presence in the work zone. Hiring Virtual Employee saves many expenses from the employee as well as the employer side. IOGOOS Solution empowers in providing services to small to large business enterprises across the globe.


Our dedicated Virtual Employee is an expert in various IT field namely:

  • Website design/ Renovation on various technology
  • Website Development on various frameworks namely Shopify, Drupal, Laravel, Angular JS, Joomla, CRM software, HubSpot Development Services.
  • Get a one-stop solution of complete Digital Marketing Services that is SEO, SMO, PPC, for brand awareness of the product.
  • Mobile App Development, Windows App Development, IOS Development, Android App Development, WordPress Website Development, CMS Development Services, and many more.
  • Proficient in UI/UX Design, Logo design, PSD to HTML, and more. By providing dedicated employee outsourcing services, we also opt for an innovative approach, cost-efficient solutions. Our employees are technical experts in web design and development. Hiring Virtual Employee has many benefits. 
  • Setting up an office at zero or low cost. In metro cities, office space is a major obstruction. Avoid additional costs if employees do not value the work. Remote Employee does not necessarily take up any workplace.                                    
  • Save expenses like health care, taxes, and office equipment.
  • Ease of communication through various means.
  • 24/7 support
  • It becomes easy for an employee to manage their professional and personal life together.
  • Hire a Dedicated Virtual Employee that are accountable.
  • Easily hire full-time or hourly based
  • Can find specialized in fields like SEO, Website Design, SMO, etc.
  • Optimal Virtual Employee demand minimal for the reason that they have the versatility to do work from house per their comfort.
  • By hiring optimal virtual employee, additional costs like transportation can save.
  • Salary structure made on an hourly basis.
  • Can get skilled employees to get the job done.

 Many Virtual Employee Companies will help you with IT and Non-IT services. IOGOOS Solution understands your needs and does the routine work by saving more time for you. The moment the virtual assistant is appointed, the employer can easily aim when on the key business. Virtual Employee is effective for a person and with you simply like a staff who works through your office. This also facilitates a person to possess the Finest People's expertise within your firm. IOGOOS can guide an individual to control your daily duties, devoid of furnishing workplace, Internet link, computer. Hiring virtual assistant through IOGOOS can assist you to cut down the expense, maximize efficiency, in addition to this also emphasize key tasks.

IOGOOS aims to get the most suitable virtual assistant for enterprise demands. We all offer adaptive strategies to hire the virtual assistant, which will mainly create keeping in thoughts the most frequent necessities associated with the clients.